"Here's to you, here's to me, big and little, we'll always be."

There's nothing quite like dropping the sheet, popping out of the box, or pulling off the blindfold to meet your big or little sister for the first time. A bond that lasts a lifetime, you'll be welcomed into a family full of love, labor, learning, and loyalty. Our sisters have had years full of late night sleepovers, themed Halloween costumes, and jammed pack big/little weeks, just to name a few of our favorite memories.

My big gave me a bunch of hints during big/little week, one of them being that her favorite city is London. I actually found out she was my big because I saw her computer and phone screens were both pictures of London. She studied abroad here three years before me and gave me a list of her favorite things to do & parts of London, which turned out being my favorites especially Neal’s Yard and Camden Market. During my last month abroad she came to visit me and we spent an amazing week reliving her favorite parts of her time abroad and me showing her around places that I’ve found.
— Kate Jamison on her big, Lathrop Kelly